A Texas Boy In South Africa

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I recently traveled to South Africa as a part of the leadership team for my church.  I landed on 3 continents in 36 hours. From DFW to D.C., to London, to Johannesburg. Talk about exhausting!  Then from Johannesbug, we flew across South Africa, to Cape Town.  That's a lot to try and see in 12 days. We spent 8 days in Johannesburg, SA, and northern South Africa, and 24 hours in Cape Town, SA. The purpose of the trip was to spend time with our missionaries, Louis and Linda Gerber.  But, when you go across the pond, you don't just schedule a few lunches, and rest your head.  Brent and I made the most of every minute we had in the eastern hemisphere. There's so much I can say about what I learned about South Africa, but you'll have to ask me face to face, if you want that story. The rest of it, I'll just show you, in the slideshow I've made. The soundtrack to the slideshow (and my favorite part of the trip) is of the worship songs that we sang during a Sunday morning service, with the Hilltop Church of Christ in downtown Johannesburg. 


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Ben is the youth minister husband of @gingercasa1 and father of three awesome boys, ages 10, 8, and 5! He loves sports, music, and ministry and hanging out with his family.


  1. […] Hubby went to South Africa last year, and he was excited to be able to see some of the same animals here in Texas that he saw there.  What a treat for all of us to be able to see these animals up close!  There are about 50 different species on 1,800 acres of land.  It takes about 2-4 hours to drive through the wildlife center, but it is self paced and once you're in, you are free to stay all day, if you like.   […]

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