The Dude’s Guide To Marriage

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10th anniv

Marriage is the 2nd biggest (longest) commitment you may ever make, behind your commitment to God.  One would think that if we are making such a life-long investment in a single commitment, that we would work more at making it succesful. Although I've been working at my marriage for 10+ years, I'm always in need of guidance. So when I found this book The Dude's Guide to Marriage: Ten Skills Every Hustband Must Develop to Love His Wife Well, I immediately related to it.  After cracking the cover and breaking it in, I haven't been disappointed.  Darrin, and his wife Amie Patrick, do a great job of laying out practical ways to help my marriage.  Each chapter focuses on a topic – Listen, Talk, Fight, Grow, Provide, Rest, Serve, Submit, Pursue, Worship – with action steps for improving each part of a couple's relationship.

The Dude's Guide to Marriage

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