DFW Dad for Life.


Buen dia! Good day! I am glad you are back. What makes me a DFW dad? As you might have noticed I'm from DFW. I've lived in the Dallas and the Fort Worth areas of Texas, for most of my life.  In my childhood, my family moved throughout Dallas a few times before I graduated, and I've worked in two different areas around DFW since then. I left DFW for about 10 years, during which I completed college and my first 2 ministry positions. It was also during this time, when I also got married and had 2 of my 3 children.  But, I've been back in DFW for 4 years, and we've had another child.  My sisters, and parents still live in north DFW, and I, along with my wife and 3 kids, reside on the south side of DFW. So I'm constantly making treks across the DFW metroplex to see family, meet up with friends, go to family attractions, and do ministry events. 

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