ShiftCon 2016 Post-Conference Reflections

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Gena and I had a blast in New Orleans, at the SHIFTCON eco-wellness influencer conference. I learned so much that I knew very little about: ECO-WELLNESS. More importantly, I got to meet companies that are making an impact, by SHIFTING to a more eco-friendly way of doing business.

A couple of dozen of us served as volunteers at the conference. Gena and I like serving people, so we had fun getting there early to get people registered as they came in.  It was an easy, and fun task, and came with some pretty sweet perks.

I want to share with you my top three favorite brands I had never considered, until I arrived at SHIFTCON. 

One of my passions in life, is food. I love cooking, eating, and learning new things about food.  This confernece was chalk-full of food-brands that are making a huge difference in the world. Being the meat-eater I am, I specifically noticed the brand, Applegate, a meat company, and the super yummy bacon they served us for breakfast. 

I met some great people that were attending the conference.  We enjoyed conversations around the lunch table each day. The hosts of SHIFTCON did a great job of keeping the coffee hot, and the snacks a plenty.I was especially impressed with the booth put together by the California Almonds brand.  They had just about an unlimited amount of almonds ready to pass out in different combinations. My favorite part of their booth was the recyclable snack bags they gave you to fill with as many mixtured of flavored almonds and trail-mix faves you could fit in each bag.  We left with two bag-fulls for the plane ride home. The snacks served as a comforting reminder of the conference, and we savored the snacks to help soften the blow of reality waiting for us back in the everyday routine.

Last but not least, my wife's favorite brand is Stonyfield. They make organic greek yogurt, and had it available during most of the conference throughout the day.  I'm normally not one to choose greek yogurt over traditional yogurt. But, they offered me and Gena one with a honey mix-in.  We tried it, and immediately I was hooked.  Gena ended up finding some at our local grocers, and keeps the fridge stocked with this stuff.  In fact, I'm just finishing this snack up, even now, as I finish up this post. 

The only challenge we faced at the conference was realizing how much we underestimated the space we would need to get our swag home.  Thankfully, we had an extra suitcase, and FedEx shipped our extra swag to us, for a decent rate. The director and her husband did a great job putting on this conference, and they certainly deserve kudos for all their hard work. With this new perspective I gained at ShiftCon, I am more cognizent and attentive to eco-wellness. In closing, I am thankful for the opporutnity to be able to attend a conference with my wife, which she invited me to, and learn about how I can better take care of God's amazing creation.

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Ben is the youth minister husband of @gingercasa1 and father of three awesome boys, ages 10, 8, and 5! He loves sports, music, and ministry and hanging out with his family.


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