Our Kids’ Back-To-School Routines

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This post was brought to you by Jefferson Dental. All opinions are mine.

Parenting small children in the summer is tough! But there are moments when you feel like you're winning. And I love it when those moments happen! My favorite parenting win moments are when you see a child adopt a routine that you've been trying to get them to take on. When your child does something you remind them to do every day, without you haven't to remind them, you just swell up with pride. One of the hardest routines to get a child to do, is to establish a back-to-school routine after summer. Eating breakfast, is one of those routines.  Sleeping 9 hours a night is another one. But those routines pay immediate dividends in the mind of a child, beacuse they can feel the results, from good food, and good sleep.

One thing kids don't typically do daily without reminders, is brushing their teeth. Why? Because it's can be a boring task, that doesn't give immediate results. In fact, sometimes the results can be temporary discomfort if your gums aren't healthy, or you're brushing too hard. But, brushing teeth twice daily offers incredible long term results! Unfortunately kids won't acknowledge these results until they start feeling tooth pain, or see the dentist for reasons they could have avoided. I remember the pains of tooth cavities as a kid. But now, we do our best to try and instill in our kids a daily routine of teeth-brushing. My friends over at Jefferson Dental put together this great info. graphic that helps parents realize just how easy and crucial establishing a back-to-school routine is:


One thing I didn't realize was how important brushing your tongue is! I better start doing that more!

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I've heard that your teeth are a good indicator of overall wellness, and nutrition. Not to mention, when you're kids and grandkids get older, pretty teeth are pretty attractive!  Leaving a legacy in your family, often times means helping your children establish healthy routines. What are some routines that you're proud of that you've passed on to your kids and seen successful results? 

Right now, my most proud routine is my kids desire to pray before every meal, and before bedtime every single night. It's something that I need to be reminded of rarlely, and they are the ones to remind me.  Every night my kids put on jammies, brush teeth, and then we pray as a family.  We always make room for those routines. Even on school nights!  My kids will have healthy teeth, and we will do whatever it takes to help them keep up these healthy habits.

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Ben is the youth minister husband of @gingercasa1 and father of three awesome boys, ages 10, 8, and 5! He loves sports, music, and ministry and hanging out with his family.

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