Ford Focus RS: When You Need A Family Car, But Want To Keep Your Man Card

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We received this Ford Fusion RS to test drive for a week.  All opinions are mine.

Every little boy has dreams of driving a race car.  That dream finally came true, when I drove the Ford Focus RS.  I have fond memories of my dad teaching me how to drive on a little four speed stick shift.  It was so exciting.  I miss those days because driving has lost it's excitement.  Being a father is awesome, but sometimes driving the family minivan gets a little…boring.  The good news is, however, that you do not have to give up the stick shift to get the safety and durability that you need in a family car.

The Ford Focus RS

The Ford Focus RS is so sleek, from end to end.  The rear spoiler was a favorite because it adds an extra sporty appeal.  It has LED signature lighting and a dual exhaust system that ups the cool factor of this car.  

The mirrors have an integrated blind spot which allows for better safety when you're out on the road.

The Ford Focus RS has a great reaction time with Front Brembo™ brakes.  Plus, the blue-painted caliper just looks cool.


The boys loved riding in this car and I think it sparked in them a love for manual transmission.  The sounds and feeling of riding in this car is so exhilarating.  The backseat is spacious and has the traditional LATCH system for carseats, so I knew they were safe as I was driving.

The hatchback is a great place to store soccer goals and groceries without taking up seat space.  Those are just a few of the ways this car is both a family car and a manly sports car.  I was able to be a soccer dad with a cool car!


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Ben is the youth minister husband of @gingercasa1 and father of three awesome boys, ages 10, 8, and 5! He loves sports, music, and ministry and hanging out with his family.


  1. Sab Edwards says

    My husbands loves his Focus..he had a standard that we got used, but after a while it wasn't worth putting more money into it. I am not very confidant driving a standard so the next car is an automatic, also a Focus, and its got all these crazy features now that I have to get used to (rear camera etc lol) But its great on gas and although it was used, it was only 6 months old

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