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This post was brought to you by Skinny Pizza.  All opinions are mine.

Sometimes being a family of five can make picking a restaurant and ordering a disaster.  I'm a full time youth worker, so I work with many large families on a regular basis. One thing just about every parent and child can agree on is PIZZA. The only person who may not agree with having another pizza night, is the parent who is on a diet. SKINNY PIZZA offers a great compromise for kids and parents.  For kids, they have the small personal customized pies, in a very fun creative pizza-building process. And for the adult they offer the same fun process, with very healthy options for all diets. For my wife, Gena, she needed the gluten-free crust for her gluten sensitivity. For my grandmother, she wanted a salad, and had 4 awesome choices.  For me, I was able to find my favorite meats and cheeses.  And for my picky middle son, he got his pasta, and loved it.  You can't get a much more family-friendly menu than SKINNY PIZZA's. When looking for the nearest location, I was pleased to find one on Addison Circle. It was a very private circle drive, nestled in the heart of DFW. The modern, urban, neighborhood feel, gave us a unique experience for dining. This location has a very appealing storefront with patio dining that stretches across the whole store front.

Once you walk in the front, you are presented with a organized menu broken down into simple steps, even my 6 year old understood. With a big family, and party of 7, it made ordering pretty pleasant, compared to your traditional sitdown restaurant.

They let you know right off the bat about their healthy options for the pizza ingredients. I'd like to highlight their organic tomatoes, and hormone free or organic meats. My wife said her gluten-free crust was really good and only $1 more than classic New York style crust, where at other places, she would have to pay about $3 more. 

At first glance, my boys were a little overwhelmed with the ingredient options. After they watched me put my first order in, they realized that they didn't have to have a lot of toppings to get a great tasting pie.  The chef was patient with us while taking our orders, helping us keep everything stress free as a parent. It was so entertaining to my children to see the pizzas put together like a sub sandwich and placed in a fire-rimmed oven. All our pies were baked in no time.

After the food orders are in, you move down the buffet to the drink fountains. SKINNY PIZZA boasts all-natural drinks by Boylan Bottling. Our favorite flavor is the cream soda. The great thing about these drinks is that they are all high-fructose corn-syrup free, unlike many of your pizza places.

For the adults, they also offer wine and beer. They have a seasoning and sauce bar for your pizza. My family's favorite topping was the sprinkle cheese, made of their specialty cheese mix. 

Their indoor dining area was very well-lit and spacious enough for my whole family to sit together with plenty of space to spread out.My pizza pie was a meat-lovers with classic crust, classic sauce, mozzerella cheese, pepperoni, italian sausage, and sprinkle cheese. It was filling, in a healthy way. Not too filling, like that gross over-stuffed feeling you get when you eat too much pizza dough.

I didn't even notice the TVs, because that's not what I'm looking for at a restaurant. But my sports-obsessed 8 year-old sure did enjoy sitting right under the HD wall-mounted TV with the sports highlights on from the big game the night before.
Speaking of my 8 year old, he ended up devouring his whole pizza, and some of his little brother's leftover spaghetti. Don't get me wrong, little bro liked his spaghetti too! But the portion was more than he needed to get full. He loved it!

The pasta options allow for kids to customize their pasta and sauce just like they would at home. The 3 year old chose gluten-free spaghetti, with meatballs.
My middle son chose the chicken alfredo penne, and almost ate all of it. Needless to say, we didn't take home many leftovers because everyone was hungry, and the food was amazing.

But for the little leftovers we had, it was easy because they served the pasta dishes in to-go, kid-friendly, eco-friendly boxes, with covers. 

Grandma ordered her salad and split it with my mom. I'm not one to order a salad at a pizza place, but it's good to know they have great salad options available for those who do.

It was a great family experience at an easily accesible location just off the Dallas North Tollway. I can't help but #ShareTheSKINNY with my readers.  As my friend Alan would say, I give this place 8 slices out of 10.  I recommend trying out the new DFW (Addison) location soon. You can even order online at for delivery or take out. I recommend going inside with your family and experiencing the engaging pizza-customization ordering process that gives you ownership with every bite you get to enjoy. SKINNYPIZZA is located at 5026 Addison Circle, Addison TX 75001. Their store phone number is 214-997-7000. And their store hours are MON – THUR 11AM – 9PM FRI – SAT 11AM – 10PM SUNDAY 11AM – 9PM. 

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Ben is the youth minister husband of @gingercasa1 and father of three awesome boys, ages 10, 8, and 5! He loves sports, music, and ministry and hanging out with his family.


  1. I give this review 10 out of 10 slices!

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