A Message To Graduates


I was asked to give a message to the graduates for the MHS Baccalaureate this year. Yesterday I delivered that message. I had an adult female stranger come up to me afterward, and tell me that my message was spot on, and that I should publish it. I've never been asked to publish any of my sermons, so here it is. I omitted a few lines that only pertained to the live audience, but this version gets my entire point across:

All of you are on a journey that has intersected at the end of high school.
I’m so glad God has brought you to this point. Have you given him the credit?
Let’s do that right now. (prayer)

Every one of you have walked different paths with different choices and different people alongside you. Can you remember every choice and every person from your first 18 years? No, you can’t.

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A Threat To Virility: Time Is Not On Our Side

A Threat To Virility:  Time Is Not On Our Side

Just a week ago, Time® magazine published an online article entitled Porn, A Threat To Virility.  Today, their magazine has the article as the cover story, on this week's edition. Kudos to them for speaking openly on it to the masses. There are others who are not afraid to address porn directly for the calamity that it is. Those voices are few and far between. What I've noticed in America is that most preachers don't want to preach on it, and educators don't want to teach on it. Scientists don't want to speculate without enough evidence that pornography is hurtful to a consumer. And parents don't want to talk about it to their children. I won't be quiet about this. I've researched it, I've consumed it, I've taught on it, and I will be speaking about it with my children and my youth group and their parents. The evidence is crystal clear in my experience, knowledge, and in other's stories that I have heard.

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A Texas Boy In South Africa

I recently traveled to South Africa as a part of the leadership team for my church.  I landed on 3 continents in 36 hours. From DFW to D.C., to London, to Johannesburg. Talk about exhausting!  Then from Johannesbug, we flew across South Africa, to Cape Town.  That's a lot to try and see in 12 days. We spent 8 days in Johannesburg, SA, and northern South Africa, and 24 hours in Cape Town, SA. The purpose of the trip was to spend time with our missionaries, Louis and Linda Gerber.  But, when you go across the pond, you don't just schedule a few lunches, and rest your head.  Brent and I made the most of every minute we had in the eastern hemisphere. There's so much I can say about what I learned about South Africa, but you'll have to ask me face to face, if you want that story. The rest of it, I'll just show you, in the slideshow I've made. The soundtrack to the slideshow (and my favorite part of the trip) is of the worship songs that we sang during a Sunday morning service, with the Hilltop Church of Christ in downtown Johannesburg. 


A Link Between Millennials and Gen Xers

link-between-millenials-genxers      I'm technically a millennial, (born between 1980 and 1999) although I've been told I'm not like my contemporaries. Most of my friends are at least in their mid-thirties, or older. Most of my co-workers (past and present) are in their 50s and 60s. I grew up with the millennial generation and I have tried to fit in with my age group for most of my life.  For those of us on the older end of the millennial range, we spent most of our teenage years in the 90's and early 2000's. To me, those years were defined by some key elements that shaped the way we lived and made decisions. Here are the top five cultural influences that I believed shaped my generation's teenage years.

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The Perfect Christmas Gift for Men: ESV Men’s Devotional Bible {Giveaway}

Most men ask for tools, guns, or tools/guns accessories for Christmas. If it's not tools or guns, they want something for their favorite sport or vehicle.  Your gift's purpose may just be to make their life a little easier if they use it. Why not give a gift to your man that will help make major positive changes to their outlook for his life on earth? This perfect gift will not only change his life now, but it will change his life for the one to come. Don't you want to help give that kind of gift to someone you love? Crossway just put out a new ESV Men's Devotional Bible that is perfect gift for men.

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The Dude’s Guide To Marriage

This marriage post is brought to you by Family Christian.  All opinions are mine.

10th anniv

Marriage is the 2nd biggest (longest) commitment you may ever make, behind your commitment to God.  One would think that if we are making such a life-long investment in a single commitment, that we would work more at making it succesful. Although I've been working at my marriage for 10+ years, I'm always in need of guidance. So when I found this book The Dude's Guide to Marriage: Ten Skills Every Hustband Must Develop to Love His Wife Well, I immediately related to it.  After cracking the cover and breaking it in, I haven't been disappointed.  Darrin, and his wife Amie Patrick, do a great job of laying out practical ways to help my marriage.  Each chapter focuses on a topic – Listen, Talk, Fight, Grow, Provide, Rest, Serve, Submit, Pursue, Worship – with action steps for improving each part of a couple's relationship.

The Dude's Guide to Marriage

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