10 Life Hacks for Raising a Son

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10 Life Hacks for Raising a Son

10 Life Hacks for Raising a SonNobody knows exactly how to raise their son. There is no instruction manual that comes with the birth of a boy. If someone ever tells you how you should raise your child without actually knowing your child, just glean what you can and move on. No two boys are the same. However, every male is born with a certain set of needs, and the potential to become a great man. 

Here are 10 life hacks I feel may help you in guiding your son through his first 18 years: They aren't easy, but they are worth it.


1. Give your son something to love and show him how to love it.  Be it a sibling (or two,) a baby doll, a stuffed animal or pet, this will teach your son to love others. Talk about loving something different than him on a regular basis. Discuss how love doesn't change just because someone is different than he is. He will be taking care of someone someday. It may be you. 

2. Speak only truth. Tell your son the truth from day 1. This is hard,but if you only speak truth to your children, that means you don't have to lie to them. If you don't lie to them, then they don't lose trust in you when they find out the truth, and you don't have to come up with an excuse for it. Be proud when you tell your children you don't lie to them. It's never too late to start telling the truth.

3. Place a male in his life, intentionally and consistently, whom you want him to emulate. If you want your son to be a male who leads, you have to let a male lead him. Males that are in your son's life will have a huge impact on the kind of man your son will become.


4. Talk about his strengths like they are superpowers. But always teach him how to bridle his strength with humility. Show him meekness without weakness. Take him on a horse-back ride. Let him pet large animals at the petting zoo. Teach him about God, and the power that is under control.

5. Show him grace everyday. Talk to him about grace and tell him how you aren't giving him what he deserves.  Praise him when he gives grace to others. This will end up coming back to serve him greatly in his future.

6. Give him a global perspective. Talk about world geography and other cultures. Talk about your own heritage, and race. Take him to a 3rd world country or at least a different culture than what he lives in. He will be more educuted and well-rounded because you did.

7. Let him be a child that makes mistakes. Talk about your own mistakes. Don't ever let him think you are perfect. If your son is a perfectionist, like my oldest, look for times when he fails to process his failure and help him forgive himself.

8. Give him the keys to the car. This one is so hard, but, you have to let your son take risks.. alone. If your son is able, teach him to drive, and let him drive. Young and old men need respect, but don't be afraid to take those keys away if he doesn't return the respect.

9. Read to your son. If your son reads, buy him the books he wants until he's read all of them. Then buy more. Just remember…the males in those books, are the one's he will emulate.  A boy who reads becomes a man who leads.

Raising a Son

10. Let him take his mom on dates. Do it early on before he's 10. Dad's this one is so important for you. Your son will learn his first impressions about how to treat a women based on how you treat women. He will watch and listen to everything you say and copy it. Teach your son to date, and then let him practice with his mother, until he's ready to date girls his own age. 


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Ben is the youth minister husband of @gingercasa1 and father of three awesome boys, ages 10, 8, and 5! He loves sports, music, and ministry and hanging out with his family.

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