ShiftCon 2016 Post-Conference Reflections

Gena and I had a blast in New Orleans, at the SHIFTCON eco-wellness influencer conference. I learned so much that I knew very little about: ECO-WELLNESS. More importantly, I got to meet companies that are making an impact, by SHIFTING to a more eco-friendly way of doing business.

A couple of dozen of us served as volunteers at the conference. Gena and I like serving people, so we had fun getting there early to get people registered as they came in.  It was an easy, and fun task, and came with some pretty sweet perks.

I want to share with you my top three favorite brands I had never considered, until I arrived at SHIFTCON. 

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Oven Grilled Shrimp – Perfect for a Valentine’s Date

Oven Grilled Shrimp – Perfect for Valentine's Day

Every man loves meat, but man and woman are not created equal. So how are you going to make that special Valentine's Day dinner tasty for both of you? Oven grilled shrimp seasoned with Grub Rub, is the tastiest, healthiest, and easiest way to meet in the middle.  (Grub Rub doesn't have MSG or preservatives.)  Recently, my wife made this recipe for us, and I haven't ever enjoyed shrimp as much as I did then. This is a recipe you'll want to steal and put in your pocket for Valentine's Day. But because it's so easy and no-mess, it serves well for a summer picnic too! 

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Mama’s Chili: Easy and Healthy Chili Recipe

Easy and Healthy Chili Recipe

Winter is just upon us and it's warm dinners are paramount. There are so many chili recipes out there, and everyone thinks their mother or father makes the best.  Rather than claim that my chili is better than yours, I'm going to claim something else. My easy and healthy chili recipe is easier, and most likely, healthier and cheaper than what you'll find online. Not only that, it tastes great and kids love it.  With my Mama's chili, you can cook and eat in as quick as 20 minutes, depending on the amount you're serving.

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Fire Roasted Game Day Salsa


One of the things my boys and I love to do is eat chips and salsa. Add to that the fall football season and we've got a great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  It just so happens that my wife loves salsa too, but not the football part so much. We've researched Texican restaurants our whole lives and never found the perfect salsa.  Thankfully for me, Gena concocted her own genius recipe that is great for me, and my boys.  It's got a kick, but it's not too spicy to enjoy.  I'm gonna give you the secret to this game-day masterpiece. If your family likes salsa like mine, make sure you make a lot. This stuff will go quick!

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