Fire Roasted Game Day Salsa


Fire Roasted Game Day Salsa

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One of the things my boys and I love to do is eat chips and salsa. Add to that the fall football season, soccer season, or basketball season and we’ve got a great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  It just so happens that my wife loves salsa too. We’ve researched Texican restaurants our whole lives and never found the perfect salsa.  Thankfully for me, Gena concocted her own genius recipe that is great for me, and my boys.  It’s got a kick, but it’s not too spicy to enjoy.  I’m going to give you the secret to this game-day masterpiece. If your family likes salsa like mine, make sure you make a lot.

This game day salsa is a staple in our house. We use it on our cheese enchiladas, breakfast burritos, and alongside any Mexican food meal. This stuff goes quick!

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How to Wow the Wife with a Home Cooked Meal (That’s Easy To Prepare!)

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My wife and I don’t get to go on many dates. Like most parents our age, our lives are busy and the stress of getting a baby-sitter and carving out a huge chunk of the day for just us is hard. I do love to cook for her and want to be able to surprise her with a delicious home cook meal that she does not have to prepare from time to time. That is why I am thankful for Kroger‘s new Prep+Pared meal kits. [Read more…]

How To Buy A Vehicle Online!

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How To Buy A Vehicle Online

Don’t you love finding your perfect match vehicle? I just found mine online… a 2017 Nissan Titan SV. Here she is.

buy vehicle online

My neighbor walked up to my new truck and said, “Well, now I’ve got the bug again!”

Don’t worry, not that kind of bug! He said he had just gotten over the new truck envy he had for my neighbors new truck, until he saw mine. Harvey told me, “I want a truck just like yours! Where did you get it? Waxahachie, Arlington?” He continued to think of local dealerships he could drive to to find one. I said, I found it online, and picked the exact one that I wanted, then I went and picked it up in North Dallas. When I brought it home, my family loved it!

buy vehicle online

2 days later, my neighbor came back to me and said he went to about 5 dealerships and couldn’t find one like mine that he wanted. I felt bad for him because he didn’t know how to search things online and he wasn’t interested in trying it. He ended up calling a local dealership and asked them to find the one he wanted. Where do you think they went to find it? Online! They had to have it brought in from east Texas, and he finally got what he wanted.

So, now we both have new trucks.  The difference? I found multiple local options with the truck I wanted by using online search engines, like   He drove all around DFW, and couldn’t find any options that matched what he wanted. When searching selecting new, used, or certified, covers every type of vehicle you could want. Next, you can type in the exact make, model, price range, and location range you want to define.  Then voila! You’ve got multiple local sellers with many options in those ranges.

On, once you find the vehicle you want, you can contact the dealer in multiple ways; through the phone number listed, email form (provided on the same page), or online live chat! If you know you want it, you can click the “check availability” button, and find out if it’s ready for you today! There’s even a built in map to the location of the vehicle. Finding the right vehicle for you is so much easier online, than trying to shop each dealership in person. Letting a car salesman tell you what you want benefits him, but shopping online puts you in the driver-seat of your search. Of course, when you find the right one, it’s best to test drive it, and purchase it in person. To start your search for your perfect match, head over to:



Our Kids’ Back-To-School Routines

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Parenting small children in the summer is tough! But there are moments when you feel like you're winning. And I love it when those moments happen! My favorite parenting win moments are when you see a child adopt a routine that you've been trying to get them to take on. When your child does something you remind them to do every day, without you haven't to remind them, you just swell up with pride. One of the hardest routines to get a child to do, is to establish a back-to-school routine after summer. Eating breakfast, is one of those routines.  Sleeping 9 hours a night is another one. But those routines pay immediate dividends in the mind of a child, beacuse they can feel the results, from good food, and good sleep.

One thing kids don't typically do daily without reminders, is brushing their teeth. Why? Because it's can be a boring task, that doesn't give immediate results. In fact, sometimes the results can be temporary discomfort if your gums aren't healthy, or you're brushing too hard. But, brushing teeth twice daily offers incredible long term results! Unfortunately kids won't acknowledge these results until they start feeling tooth pain, or see the dentist for reasons they could have avoided. I remember the pains of tooth cavities as a kid. But now, we do our best to try and instill in our kids a daily routine of teeth-brushing. My friends over at Jefferson Dental put together this great info. graphic that helps parents realize just how easy and crucial establishing a back-to-school routine is:


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Parenting: “It Takes A Village”…Should It?

Have you ever been told that parenting a child, “takes a village” to raise them? Stop and think…who is in your village? Do you want your village raising your child? Are you willing to take the bad with the good? I struggle with this regularly.

We raise our young boys, 3 of them, in a bedroom community full of other young families.  I work in a church full of young families, with many children. I would be hard pressed to count how many times I’ve heard the phrase “it takes a village” when referring to raising a child. The old adage “it takes a village” assumes your child is being raised by a large number of people, that have your child’s best interest in mind.  I’m fortunate to have neighbors in their 70’s who raised kids 45 years ago. They look out for our kids when they are playing outside, and they even watch out for my wife and chickens when I’m not around. I hear story after story, from my Vietnam veteran neighbor, of the days of old, when kids acted right, because everyone held everyone else’s kids accountable. I can see where the village-raising mentality came from.  It’s a nice theory. With the “it takes a village approach” raising another child is just as important as raising your own. “Things have changed,” he says.

He’s right. Things have changed. Even in my community, a pretty close-knit one, I have a hard time relying on anyone else to help raise my children. My generation of parents really confuses me. It seems that the overwhelming majority are very protective of their child’s spirit, which is a good thing. But that comes with a heavy price-tag; the spirit of the other children they are around.  I’ve noticed that I’m living in a dog-eat-dog world of competitive child-rearing. This type of parenting isn’t conducive to the “it takes a village” approach. The conflict takes place when there’s an incident between two kids from two different families, and both sets of parents don’t witness it first hand. Since they aren’t both there to witness the “incident” all they have to go by is a one-sided, 2nd hand account, from their own child and maybe a sibling. Most parents aren’t interested in getting an unbiased, neutral witnesses’ version of the story, so they take their child’s account as a flawless one. This is why it’s so common to see disagreements break out between kids, parents, and other authorities.

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Disney Movies Make Dads Cry

A plague on both your houses, Disney! I'm a hot mess with your "kids cartoon movies." You've been pumping out the tear jerkers for the last 5 years.  I mean there's Frozen, Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur, The (new) Jungle Book, Moana, and now, Cars 3. My kids compare me to Iron Man, Superman, and Batman, while you break me down into a puddle of tears veiled behind machismo.  How long can I hide this? I've got 3 sons for crying out loud! Well, not out loud….I can't actually do that. laugh

Disney movies

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Build A Pizza At THE Family Friendly DFW Hotspot – Skinny Pizza

This post was brought to you by Skinny Pizza.  All opinions are mine.

Sometimes being a family of five can make picking a restaurant and ordering a disaster.  I'm a full time youth worker, so I work with many large families on a regular basis. One thing just about every parent and child can agree on is PIZZA. The only person who may not agree with having another pizza night, is the parent who is on a diet. SKINNY PIZZA offers a great compromise for kids and parents.  For kids, they have the small personal customized pies, in a very fun creative pizza-building process. And for the adult they offer the same fun process, with very healthy options for all diets. For my wife, Gena, she needed the gluten-free crust for her gluten sensitivity. For my grandmother, she wanted a salad, and had 4 awesome choices.  For me, I was able to find my favorite meats and cheeses.  And for my picky middle son, he got his pasta, and loved it.  You can't get a much more family-friendly menu than SKINNY PIZZA's. When looking for the nearest location, I was pleased to find one on Addison Circle. It was a very private circle drive, nestled in the heart of DFW. The modern, urban, neighborhood feel, gave us a unique experience for dining. This location has a very appealing storefront with patio dining that stretches across the whole store front.

Once you walk in the front, you are presented with a organized menu broken down into simple steps, even my 6 year old understood. With a big family, and party of 7, it made ordering pretty pleasant, compared to your traditional sitdown restaurant.

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Awesome Dallas Blogs To Follow

dallas blogsBeing in the DFW area, there are many other great bloggers to follow!  Check out this awesome list and find some new blogs to follow!

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What Do You Do With Cracked Eggs? Cook An Egg-Burrito (omelet).

Chances are, you've heard of the fast-growing backyard chicken fad.  My wife caught that bug, as usual, before the trend really took off.  So, we get more then our fair share of eggs. Finding more than one or two ways to cook eggs has become important to me and my wife. Luckily, one thing I learned way back was how to make an omelet. Some people may think omelet's are reserved for IHOP and breakfast chefs. If you have just a few simple tools, and everyday ingredients, you can make a hearty omelet, fast and mess-free. That's right, I said mess-free! Most cooks don't think of eggs, as a mess-free ingredient. But if you cook it right, it leave little to 0 trace in the kitchen.

The key to a good omlelet is the correct egg-to-pan ratio. If you are really hungry, or want to split an omelet in half, then I suggest using 3 eggs, like I do in the video below (notice the pan I picked for a 3-egg omelet):  

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Ford Focus RS: When You Need A Family Car, But Want To Keep Your Man Card

We received this Ford Fusion RS to test drive for a week.  All opinions are mine.

Every little boy has dreams of driving a race car.  That dream finally came true, when I drove the Ford Focus RS.  I have fond memories of my dad teaching me how to drive on a little four speed stick shift.  It was so exciting.  I miss those days because driving has lost it's excitement.  Being a father is awesome, but sometimes driving the family minivan gets a little…boring.  The good news is, however, that you do not have to give up the stick shift to get the safety and durability that you need in a family car.

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